The reasons why the option of living at home and attending a local school is better for students

Learn about the things you should consider and the unique benefits of a private school education.

The reasons why the option of living at home and attending a local school is better for students

Before we sent our oldest child to kindergarten, my wife and I made the decision that we would send our daughters to K public schools, and then upon high school graduation send them to private Christian colleges.

That said, if all options seem equal, we have always been strong advocates for Christians to send their children to their local public school. Here are five reasons why: Quality of Teachers In a nutshell, a school is teacher teaching students.

Of course, there are many, many exceptions, such as the incredible Christian school that my niece and nephew attended, where my sister teaches. That school is a premier academic institution. The teaching staff there could get jobs at the finest schools anywhere, but they teach in a Christian school because of a deep sense of mission.

Funding Base After the teachers, the second aspect of what makes up a school is funding. Christian schools charge tuition and barrage the parents of the students for extra money through annual fundraisers.

Christian schools frequently struggle with funding, and as a result have lower paid teachers which affects their ability to attract the best talent and poorer quality buildings, as well as fewer labs, computers, excursions, clubs and sports teams.

Mediocre school facilities and programs precipitated by poor funding affects everything about a school.

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Fortunately, some Christian schools find a way to escape this trap. That seems like a strong argument, but my experience has been that if your kids are actively involved in a strong church, and you—as his or her parents—are committed followers of Jesus, your child has as much a chance of avoiding these traps in a public school as a Christian one.

Another poorly-kept secret is that Christian schools are a niche for rehabilitating kids with behavioral problems, but they are tasked with doing so without the massive academic, psychological and pedagogical teams of people in your local public school.

They produce cult-like, fear-based school cultures that do so much long-term harm to the children under their care that their existence should be illegal.

Of course not all Christian schools are like this, but you have to be very careful and ask the right questions. Of course that can happen in a Christian school in a limited way. But I want my kids to grow up reaching their friends for Christ. If we remove all the Christian kids from public schools, who will influence the remaining kids for Christ?

The reasons why the option of living at home and attending a local school is better for students

For example, my middle daughter just graduated from high school. She attended public school her entire life. She led many of her peers to Christ, some who are now attending Christian colleges.

The reasons why the option of living at home and attending a local school is better for students

She now attends a fantastic Christian college where she is being mentored by some of the finest hearts and minds in the Christian community. The school buildings are new, the tax base is strong and everything about the school district is done with excellence.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what led us to make the decisions that we did. A Christian school may be your best option.

This article was originally published on SeniorPastorCentral.Depending on where you live, local schooling options can compare to boarding schools in several ways.

Nearby private day schools, magnet schools, or public high schools can naturally have very bright student bodies and qualified faculty.

8 Reasons Why College Is Important. Better Living Situations. And don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Most other students attending college are going to be in the exact same boat you’re in. There are also a variety of resources, provided by most universities, to help you through college, including academic advisors, professors.

Unless you plan on living at home and commuting to school—a very good option for a lot of college students—plan on paying a lot more than your older brother or sister paid for your apartment. Oct 09,  · Sending my children to public schools is the ultimate sign of support, and helps keep me more deeply involved in a precious public resource that .

Learn about why more students are opting to enroll in their local community college, rather than going straight to four year institutions.

In the past, four-year universities always seemed to carry more prestige and practical professional preparation than their two-year counterparts. Students Attending a School Outside their Attendance Boundaries Families of all students enrolled outside their local school attendance boundaries shall provide their own transportation to school unless the enrollment is an Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind) transfer which requires that the district provide.

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