The employeremployee relationship essay

Little Lamb Company entered into a contract with Mary to complete a project.

The employeremployee relationship essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Employer-Employee The employeremployee relationship essay Essay Sample The employer employee relationship is one of the most common relationships in the legal system.

The employer employee relationship includes several important parts which includes how the relationship begins, laws protecting employees and employers, discrimination, and how a relationship can be terminated. Many different factors that play a role in the way employees and employers work together with each other.

This paper analyzes the differences in regular employees vs. It will also discuss the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees.

Temporaries and Independent ContractorsRegular vs. Wal-Mart operates as an organization, distributor, and retailer of consumer goods.

Due in part to its size, to the connectivity involved in its operations, and to the zest with which it has traditionally negotiated supplier contracts, Wal-Mart has established itself in a key position in the value chain of its suppliers Anonymous, Temporary employees work hours vary and they are paid hourly, resulting in an unpredictable monthly income.

The employeremployee relationship essay

In the case of being paid for working overtime, employees who are salaried are not paid for working overtime hours regardless of how many hours he or she has worked.

Regular employees, who are not paid, like temporary employees, get overtime pay for every hour over 8 hours per day and for each hour over 40 hours per week.

For employees the most thing to know what makes them qualified for overtime and minimum wage, and what does not. For some individuals the response is complicated. Wal-Mart follows the same notion of overtime and minimum wage as most companies. These concepts became law in the United States with the passing of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which was designed to protect and maintain fair, just working conditions.

Independent ContractorsSeveral pros and cons to exist for contract labor. Wal-Mart uses independent contractors for maintenance, installations, parking lot cleaning, and janitorial services.

The beauty of this working relationship lies in the terms. An independent contractor does not work only for Wal-Mart, these contractors are hired for a specific task and work on a need only basis.

By using independent contractors, Wal-Mart reduces the amount of medical insurance costs, retirement, taxes, sick time, and administration paperwork necessary for permanent employees. This is a viable cost saving measure for the company.

Wal-Mart is responsible for providing a safe working environment for the contractors while on duty. Such provisions are covered under the Tort of negligent provisions. Wal-Mart has experienced a fair share of scrutiny due to independent contractor issues.

It has been found that the janitorial services contracted by Wal-Mart have used illegal immigrants, therefore, through vicarious liability, Wal-Mart can be held accountable for the non-compliance of immigration laws.

The fine line to this is did Wal-Mart have knowledge that the janitors were in fact, illegal immigrants Find Law, ? Another responsibility that Wal-Mart must uphold is to provide an ethical workplace free from racial slurs, and harassment of any kind.

Independent contractors are protected under the Civil Rights Act that was amended by Congress inthus providing contractors the right to sue the employer in the event of any discrimination Weblocator, As with any contractual agreement, the employer must adhere to policies, procedures, and laws protecting any employee.

Wal-Mart treats the independent contractors with the respect and care they deserve. Nonexempt employees are covered under the FLSA regulations, while the exempt employees not covered. Exempt employees are not entitled to minimum wage, overtime pay and other rights offered to nonexempt employees.

Normally executives, management, supervisors, and professional staff are paid by salary and are exempt employees.

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The implied duty of trust and confidence Every individual at the workplace shares a certain relationship with his fellow workers. Human beings are not machines who can start working just at the push of a mere button.
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Solution for traffic jam essay thailand Harmonizing to Teicher the survey of Industrial Relations was a by merchandise of the rise and autumn of the trade brotherhoods and corporate bargaining in the twentieth century. Aside from the employee-employer relationship, industrial relationship is besides approximately political power.

The nonexempt employees are paid hourly for the work he or she performs. Nonexempt employees have the full protection under the FLSA regulations. The employees covered under the FLSA must be paid the federal minimum wage for every hour worked, and any hours of work that exceeds the normal 40 hours per week will need to be paid at one-and-a-half times of the hourly rate of that nonexempt employee.

Exempt employees do not get the overtime pay as the nonexempt. No matter how long it takes for an exempt employee to perform his or her job, the exempt employee will only get paid according to the agreed annual salary rate, even if the job take more than 40 hours to complete.

No tax advantages exist for either exempt or nonexempt employees. Each will fit into a different tax bracket, and each will pay income tax based on his or her income.Aside from the employee-employer relationship, industrial relationship is besides approximately political power.

Isaac and Lansbury () have argued that in recent old ages, the traditional laterality of jurisprudence and economic sciences has played a major function in industrial dealingss. The employment relationship is a central concept within the workplace and consists of a number of actors, all of whom play an integral role.

This essay will focus on primarily on Management and the Employer as a single entity and demonstrate it's clear importance in the relationship. The Employment Relationship and Fiduciary Obligations Introduction The relationship between employer and employee is of this character.

The core obligation of a fiduciary of this kind is the obligation of loyalty. relationship does not in itself require an employee to pursue his employer's interests at the expense of his own.

Here in this essay, I will be discussing all those aspects which are the part of employment relations and how they help the employees and employers to make a better and effective relationship that will have an effective role for the betterment of the organization and employees hand on hand.

Employee-Employer Relations Honda Corporation’s (Honda) fundamental belief is respect for the individual. Honda is a large company with thousands of associates worldwide working to be the best in products from automobiles to power equipment such as generators.

Employee Relations Mike Leat is currently the Head of the HRS, Operations Management and Business Strategy Group in the Business School at the University of Plymouth. He has been involved with and in employee relations for most of his working life, both as an academic and.

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