Carbon footprint report

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Carbon footprint report

Green Solutions for Freight Transport Making improvements requires accurate data and tracking capabilities. This applies to financial figures as well as to environmental data and parameters. Calculating the emission footprint of entire supply chains helps our business customers serve their own reporting requirements.

For example, data on CO2 emissions is partly required for reporting purposes. Our detailed carbon reports are also of interest for internal purposes. As they include fuel and energy consumption data as well as emissions data for individual shipments, routes and warehouses, they serve strategic decision-making when looking for ways to reduce emissions and costs.

This is an especially user-friendly, web-based version of the Carbon Report. With just a few mouse clicks, customers can access statistics on the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the transport of their freight.

Carbon footprint report

Based on these numbers, customers can also consider scenarios for optimizing their carbon footprint. The emission calculations are based on fuel and electricity consumption data. This is combined with operations data.For our Air, Ocean and Road Freight as well as Express customers we offer an additional reporting product: the Carbon Dashboard.

This is an especially user-friendly, web-based version of the Carbon Report. Apr 04,  · We all have a “carbon footprint” in the world – that is, the amount of carbon emissions that you and I – individually – generate each year through our lifestyle choices. There are dozens of tiny factors that contribute to the size of this footprint, and determine whether it is larger, or smaller, than the majority of others like you.

Featured Blog "The Ecological Footprint is a fair metric for Slovenia to achieve its climate goals." On September 11, Global Footprint Network Senior Scientist Alessandro Galli and Slovenian sustainable development expert Jernej Stritih presented their preliminary report on Slovenia’s Ecological Footprint at a public event hosted by the Slovenian .

The EIB Group has been measuring, managing and reporting its GHG emissions resulting from its own internal activities since This Carbon Footprint Report details the GHG emissions, which not only shows how and what the measures, but the actions that the EIB Group takes to continue reducing.

Carbon footprinting guide A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product.

A carbon footprint is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). Portfolio Carbon Footprint Report What Is a Portfolio Carbon Footprint? In basic terms, a portfolio carbon footprint measures carbon emissions and intensity associated with operations of all the companies in a portfolio relative to a given benchmark such as the S&P ESG data vendor MSCI, for example, defines a portfolio carbon footprint.

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