A recollection of my recent experience with the police

In those first four hours, cars could have driven hundreds of miles, traces could have been erased, and bodies could have been buried. The sooner an investigation starts, the better the chances the perpetrator gets caught.

A recollection of my recent experience with the police

Not a lovely experience, but something that has helped form me.

My Experience with the Police – Be Yourself

There is a documentary about Katrina today, with the 5 year anniversary here. This was the exact article I had published in Marie Claire in November It was largely taken from my diary that I wrote during my time trapped there, but re-written by a features editor after an interview with me.

The photos are my own and were not part of the magazine article. The comments in brackets are my comments now, not from the article My Nightmare in the Superdome Day One: The hurricane has come to New Orleans.

People are collapsing all around.

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When the rain starts, the swelling crowd screams. There are 12, of us here — mostly poor black families. Rob took this photo using my camera. I am tucked away at the back, you can see my head over the girl's shoulder.

I couldn't think of taking photos. This picture shows quite a relaxed atmosphere, the pushing and panic had yet to start Day Two: Bits of the roof are blowing off. I sit terrified, curled up on a plastic seat. No one tells us what is happening. By the afternoon, National Guard soldiers hand out ration packs.

People are starting to get a little crazy. This is the ration pack I still have. It is what the army eat, and it heats up. It is designed to be very high calorie and balanced. We hear there has been a rape, a suicide and a murder in here. The soldiers are looking more anxious.

The girls spend the night huddled together, surrounded by a ring of guys. Two of them stay awake and break chairs to use the metal poles as weapons. Last night was horrendous. I heard shouting, and drinks machines being smashed.

My hair is greasy and I feel a wreck. There are crack alleys among the maze of corridors. The lights are broken in the loos which, as well as being disgusting, have become dangerous, so we now only go as a big group.

More people are arriving, and the dome is like a refugee camp. I see two soldiers carrying a corpse and we hear there are more dead in the basement. Some soldiers join us, as they are too scared to be anywhere else in the dome.

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As we walk through the dome, people throw bottles at us and shout racist abuse. I feel so guilty. We escaped only to be moved into the basketball arena next door with hundreds of sick and elderly. The rumour is that after the sick, the foreigners will be next to get out of New Orleans but, oh my God, the smell.

Everyone wears medical masks, but there are none left for us.

A recollection of my recent experience with the police

I look after an old man in a wheelchair who is wearing just a nappy and clean him up after he wets himself.Nov 06,  · She posted this recollection of the experience on her personal Facebook page. I was planning to take my children to the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum for their first tour today long before three police officers were gunned down this week, two in Iowa and one in New York, the most recent a father of two sons, 3 and 4.

Cummings, 65, says police stops while driving have become less frequent as he’s gotten older. But when he was younger, he says he was probably stopped by police once a month.

Dec 04,  · Long story short.. going through a nasty custody battle for my daughter, the mother had went to police told them there was many illegal items in my house such as drugs and guns. First a recollection of my recent experience with the police let me say I am a police officer in the Metro-Denver area and have been for 26 custom essays ghostwriter for hire for college yrs.

WASHINGTON A woman shot and killed by police on Capitol a recollection of my recent experience with the police Hill supposedly was a threat to public safety, but a review of the known facts shows it . In my book I talk a good deal about the extent to which we know from years of painful experience that very often it ends really quite badly [when people talk with the police].

My .

A recollection of my recent experience with the police

Recollection refers to a mental re-experience accompanied by perceptual and emotional features that are perceived as indicative of the original experience (Brewer, .

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