A brief history and the current situation of the trafficking in art and antiques

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A brief history and the current situation of the trafficking in art and antiques

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Enter your email address below to subscribe today. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Iraq has been identified as a source of conflict antiquities, which is why the International Council of Museums refreshed its Red List of endangered Iraqi cultural property in June and why the United Nations Security Council last February unanimously adopted a resolution targeting heritage trafficking in the region as a source of terror funding.

Importers of record are legally responsible for declaring goods on customs entry forms by supplying information such as proper value, correct country of origin, accurate Harmonized Tariff Schedule HTS classification, and complete product description.

It is not known how many legal or illegal antiquities importers brought into the U.

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Were these imports deliberately misclassified to plausibly conceal illegally dug-up ancient tablets, foundation cones, sculptures, and more?

Or did a legal trade in vintage trays and antique coffee pots actually spike for some reason because of the conflict?

A brief history and the current situation of the trafficking in art and antiques

Customs officials should find out for certain, particularly given the identified threat posed to archaeological site looting and museum and storehouse theft as a result of the unrest in Iraq. There is another interesting observation.

Among the 37 kinds of commodities imported into the U. One armed group operating in both Iraq and Syria is the terror organization ISIS, which reportedly has exploited cultural property as an important revenue stream.

Suspiciously, the 1 U. Sam LeVan Copyright notice: The publication, retransmission, or broadcast of this compiled data is strictly prohibited without CHL's express consent.

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Any unauthorized reproduction or retransmission of any blog post without the express written consent of CHL is prohibited.Jan 05,  · Among the 37 kinds of commodities imported into the U.S.

from Iraq in , antiques, together with with three other types of goods categorized under the broad import category of HTS 97 Works of Art, Collectors’ Pieces and Antiques, exceeded all other .

Sometimes children are harmed in their homes. This does not make every parent a suspect. In our current hyper vigilant age, there are more parents being reported to CPS than ever before.

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A brief history and the current situation of the trafficking in art and antiques

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